Over The Rainbow

Normal rainbow cake supposedly with 6 colors but I eliminate 1 color; an attempt not to make the cake high (as per Jehan request)
Rainbow cake was frosted with 'paddle-pop' ice-cream color ;) Happy 10th Birthday Aisyatul Husna. Tq Jehan :)


Orders wk42-Part 2

Moist blueberry buttercake cuppies for Adam Daniel

Moist Choc Cake for the girls; Nadia & Del

Moist Choc Cake for 1st year birthday celebration for Putra Irshad

Toblerone CC as ordered by Suzana


Orders on wk42

Walnut Carrot Cake + Cream Cheese filling as ordered by Mohana. It's 2nd time order for her daughter 2nd birthday :)

Moist blueberry buttercake + choc ganache + vanilla buttercream for little sabrina as ordered by Aunty Morni.

Another order by Aunty Morni; moist choc cake + frosting choc ganache

Fruit tarts order by Farah Ibrahim and swirl moist choc cuppies (below photos)


No. 1 cake, cuppies & cheese cake

No. 1 cake as ordered by Phoebe. Thanks so much darling:).

Cake details :
Cake : Moist blueberry buttercake
Frosting : Vanilla buttercream
Filling : Blueberry cream cheese

Cuppies ordered by Atirah; doorgift for one of the wedding (actual cuppies were packed individually in dome packing). Pink & purple theme colour.

Cake details :
Cake : Moist choc & moist buttercake
Frosting : Vanilla buttercream & sugar paste decor

Sandra again craved for this cake; Toblerone Cheese Cake :)

**Thanks to all my loyal customer :)


Tartlets & Cuppies

taraaa...without lettering

It was Iza's ordered (last minute) but I managed to do it but of course with minimal design.. Simple one...

lettering.. last minute request from Iza :)

Iza would like to have pink (girl's theme colour) and green/white (ben10 theme colour).

fruits tarts

Ordered by Sandra... As usual :) Thanks to all loyal dOd customer.



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